Privacy Policy or How we handle your personal data


The personal data Middlesbrough Croquet Club routinely collects includes names, addresses and telephone numbers of Members and also records of relevant financial transactions.

We collect this data directly from our Members’ when they join the Club. We also hold the same type of information for others whose services we use, have used or may use in support of the aims of the Club.

Members and potential Members may sign up on the Club Website and so share their contact information with others who have also signed up. Subscription requests are manually checked before approval.

Contact information for members of the Committee and others allocated specific responsibilities may, with their agreement also be available from the Web Site.

For some of our Members we may hold additional information such as roles that they carry out within the Club.

We use Members’ data for the administration of Membership, the communication of information and the organisation of events.

With the permission of a Member his / her personal data may be shared with Croquet North or with Croquet England.

We do not share Members data with any other individual or organisation.

The information the Club holds is mainly stored in digital form under the control of the Club Secretary, Treasurer and Club Website Administrator and on a Web Site ( currently 123 Reg Ltd ) hosted on a Server within the UK. However specific personal details of Members are actually stored on a separate site – This allows Members ‘read only’ access and optional personal data sharing. This site is managed externally by Campbell Morrison. There is a Privacy Policy on that site at

The Club Chairman is responsible for ensuring that the Club discharges its obligations under the GDPR.

Committee Members and others allocated specific responsibilities have access to  Members’ data in order for them to carry out their legitimate tasks for the Club.

The Club collects personal data necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership based organisation and maintain records accordingly.

Any Member may ask the Club to provide them details of information we hold about them. This information should be provided with one month.

The Club may also keep records of medical requirements notified to them by Vulnerable Adults or Children or their Parents, Guardians or Responsible Persons.

A Member may request the Club Secretary to delete any or all of their personal data held by the Club. Such data will be deleted unless the Club is required to hold it under the GDPR. Data relating to Members who have resigned is normally retained in case they wish to rejoin however a request to delete information held on an ex Member will normally be approved.

We normally only keep Members’ information after death if we are required to do so by Croquet England or under the requirements of GDPR,

The Club also uses Social Media, currently having a Facebook Page which any Facebook user may interact with and a WhatsApp Group which Members may join should they wish.


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